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Special Categories
To help inspire some great song selections we have a songbook which only contains the special song categories you see below. These are only a small selection of songs from these categories to whet your appetite and help get you started! You can take a look at the PDFs below, browse them in our special categories books in the venue, or simply browse them on our touch screen interface in your room.

Nursery Ryhmes
Top Country Hits
Local Legends
Motown Top Hits
One Hit Wonders
Top Hits 2010
Top Hits 2011
Top Hits 2012

Yass. Another cheeky Tuesday night sesh @supercubeuk booked! #bargainnight #jessiej #cheekygirls #bringit
from Julie
I was there a few Saturdays ago and had the best time ever!
from Fiona

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