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Some events are too big or unique to be brought to us - so we have developed an outside hire kit that means we can provide full bodied SUPERCUBE session at your own special event, be that a large scale company party, a wedding or any other kind of event which would be just too big to fit in our venue.

We can provide all the equipment required or hook into your chosen venue's audio-visual systems. Naturally, the kit we bring is exactly the same high quality spec as the equipment you will find in our venue and most importantly comes with our great mics and amazing song database. The standard charge is £290 and includes a staff member on hand to setup the kit and ensure it is working well and to make sure that aspect of your event runs smoothly and is good for a session of up to 5 hours. The standard charge can be reduced if your chosen venue has existing audio visual equipment that is suitable and that we can hook into.

We always try to keep the costs fixed to this if possible but there might be some additional charges depending on the specifics of your event. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU, AND IDEALLY SOME (if not all) OF YOUR GUESTS HAVE HAD SOME PREVIOUS SUPERCUBE EXPERIENCE SO THAT YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WE DO AND DON'T PROVIDE.

Like our standard SUPERCUBE style, we do not provide a typical "karaoke DJ" - i.e. we don't play disco tunes between each song, we don't like the sound of our own voices and we definately don't do songs for you on request! Instead this is your event, you are in control of the playlist, what plays for every minute of the session is up to you and we are only there to assist with that. We are very flexible are very receptive to new and innovative ideas so if you think this might work for your event then get in touch at iain@supercube.biz.

No two ways about it, @supercubeuk is the best pre-party, party & post-party venue in Edinburgh!
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