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Pick the right songs for you
Don't believe the rumours, the vast majority of people CAN hold a tune! But a lot of it comes down to careful song selection.

So to help, when you hear a song playing on the radio that seems to suit you then take a mental not or better yet save a note on your phone!

Or simply take inspiration from your favourite music - you are far more likely to excel at a song that you know inside out and have a real connection with.
My mind always goes blank
Save a selection of songs right now by searching on the website and saving your favourites to your email or by printing them out. This way you will always have some tracks to get you started.

Or simply save a list of song index numbers to your phone of songs that you want to give a bash. If you draw a blank when you arive you can always load a few of those on by using the song index number alone.
Last minute inspiration
You are at the venue and you are scratching your head for inspiration. We can help. Take a look at our doors! They have hundreds of artist names all over them, so take a quick scan and no doubt a few will jump out at you!

Or just scan our massive songbooks and see what jumps out at you. Each one has over 25,000 tracks in it so there is bound to be something there to please you.

Take a peek at our new inspiration song books. In these you will find a some selction of songs around some themes such as Top Hits From 2012, or Top 50 Mowtown tracks.

Can't remember the song name?
Search using the free wifi on our website, usually google can help you remember the name of a song from a few lyrics.

Or directly search for a song on our website by using our wifi in the venue. That way you will get the all important song index number which you can use to load the song onto your playlist.

Search by artist or by song title directly on your touch screen in the room.

Come see us at reception. We will do our best to help.

Try searching a few ways
The title of a song is not always the main line in it - for example you might think (as some X-Factor contestants thought) the Biffy Clyro song was called When We Collide...but of course it is actually called Many of Horror.

On top of that try leaving out the "The" from a search, or maybe add it in. The official listing might include it, or it might not.

And finally...
Be brave - put that "maybe" song on. If it doesn't go well simply press "NEXT SONG". No harm done!!

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