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1 - Get it on
Get your crowd - some prefer a smaller group, some even come alone! We suggest any number from 2 to 15, although our largest room does have a capacity of 25.

2 - Find A Time
Find a good time - 1 hour is the minimum for walk ins but time really does fly and so we would recommend a 2 to 3 hour session - the larger the group the more time you will need.

3 - Come On Down
Come on down, we'll get you started and away you go - it really is that simple. Just sit back in the comfort of your own private party, enjoy creating your own playlists, get room service at the touch of a button, and when you get the urge, belting your lungs out to your favourite music!

Please Note
It's not always neccesary, but if you are in a large group or are planning on coming during peak times then it would be best to book online to avoid disappointment. All kinds of groups are welcome at SUPERCUBE. Diversity is our middle name. If you have any more questions then please check our FAQs page - it might be detailed there.

Had so much fun here last night... great place! xx
from Gillian Edgar
Was there last night..... Has an absolute blast! Defo be back soon! :D
from Jamie Lee Morley

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