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Wireless Call Button
Simply press this button and we will come running to your assistance for drinks, snacks or to help if you have any issues! Our call button systems are provided by Syscall - the UK's top provider of these ingenious devices! Tell your favourite bar, restaurant, gastro pub or cafe about them so you can get service at the touch of a button at more places!!

Wireless Mics
We use wireless microphones as standard. They are high-quality, very reliable and far easier to use than wired microphones. With no cables getting in the way it is easy to pass them round the room when it comes to your turn to sing!

Bespoke Karaoke System
We make our own karaoke systems in house to ensure they do exactkly what they should and how they should. They are simple to use and are designed to ensure that songs aren't deleted "by accident"! See how easy it is to add a song.

Projector screens
Whats the point straining your eyes at a TV when you can have the words beamed onto a MASSIVE projector! Our large projector screens come as standard in every room.

Quality sound system
We have an amp and 4 powerful speakers in each room to make sure that the audio we provide is always up to scratch. We can't gaurantee your friends will always sound so good though! We perform regular tests on the sound system in each room so that we can be confident that they are operating at their best.

With over 26,000 songs, it can be a bit tricky sometimes to choose a song! These massive songbooks are left in each room so that you can browse though all our tracks to find one that really jumps out at you.

Touch Screen
Every system is operated by a very easy to use touch screen interface. You can search for songs, skip, pause, control the volume and even browse through songs by categories to help you find a few tunes.

Coat Hooks
We have thought of almost everthing - even down to coat hooks so that you can keep your things neat and safe but you don't have to waste money checking your items in like you do at clubs!!

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