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Avoiding Feedback
Feedback is the horrible squeal you can sometimes get coming out of the speakers. But why does it happen and how to avoid it?

Feedback happens when sounds going into the microphone come out of the speakers and straight back into the microphone again, causing them to amplify massively and ultimately end up with the squeal that nobody likes.

Keep mics and speakers apart
To break this loop the most important thing is to keep the mics away from the speakers.

Not only that but most importantly keep them pointed in a direction away from the speakers.

Turn off mics when not in use
If one of the mics is not being used then turn it off. If you leave it sitting it will inevitably start picking up uninterrupted sounds from the speakers and could easiliy lead to feedback. Also don't have the mics close together for sustained periods of time.

Turn down the mic volume
The biggest cause of feedback is people having the mics turned up to 100% without really needing to be there. By using the mics properly you will find you don't really need the mic volume at 100% (unless you have the softest voice in the world!)

Speak into the mic, not the side of it
Our mics are very directional. This means that if you speak into the side of the mic you won't hear much, but then say the same thing straight into it and it will be loud and clear. This directional feature of the mics is designed to avoid feedback. So instead of turning the mics up check if you are singing into them correctly first.

Hold the mic close
The mics do not pick up sounds from far away. This is intentional and is designed to stop feedback (if they did pick up sounds from all directions and from far away you would get feedback all the time!!). But because of this you have to sing close to the mic. So if you are having trouble trying singing closer to the mic rather than turning the mic volume up.

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