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Find a song number
Do this in various ways, by browsing our giant songbooks, searching on our website, or even looking at your room door for inspiration (each one is covered in hundreds of artist names!).

In every case what you want to end up with is the unique index number for the song.

Punch in the number

Type in the number and your song will appear in the box below. After that simply press "add song" button and you song will be added to the playlist! Couldn't be easier!

Audio Features

Adjust volumes, change the key of the song or add echo with just a few touches on this audio page.

Search feature

Type in a search term and see results for both artists and songs appear immediately right in front of you.

Main screen

The main screen will show you the words for the songs, as well as show you the next 6 songs in the playlist. It will also let you know how much time you have left.

Playlist page

If you want to see further down the playlist then hit the playlist button on the touchscreen and you can see everything that you and your friends have already loaded onto the playlist.

If its not going well...

At the bottom of the touchscreen you will see the all important "NEXT" button!

If the song isn't going well then just pull this "rip cord" and jump to safety!!

Vocal FX

Choose from a wide range of professional vocal effects including Echo, Delay, Autotune (not the pitch perfect one...the one that makes you sound like a warbling robot!) plus many more. Try some next time you are in!

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